Homemade body spa recipes for monsoons

It is monsoon again after a harsh and scorching summer. You need to prepare yourself for enjoying the season by rejuvenating your body and mind. A great option for this is to try out an invigorating session at a spa clinic. However, if you are helpless and do not have time to go to the spa then few homemade spa bath recipes can be great alternatives. Watch them out!

  • Lavender and Epsom salt bath

If your muscles are aching and your body seems to be dead tired then you need to soothe yourself. In such a scenario, an Epsom salt and lavender oil bath will be a great cure for you. Take a lump of Epsom salt and melt it in a tub of lukewarm bath water.  Now pour this mixture into your bathtub and add a few drops of lavender oil for experiencing that heavenly sensation. Believe us; only half an hour in this homemade bath water will give you sensation that can be compared to that of any professional spa in Surat, Mumbai, or anywhere else.


  • Oatmeal and milk bath

If your dry and parched skin does not seem to respond to any sort of treatment at all, a homemade spa treatment can prove to be extremely effective. For this, you need a bowlful of grounded and powdered oatmeal and two bowls of raw milk. Here it needs to be explained that spa professionals who share this recipe recommend raw milk because it has more whitening and skin softening effects than boiled milk.  Now you need to mix the ingredients well so that a smooth semi-liquid solution is formed. In a separate bath tub, take some lukewarm water and mix the oatmeal solution well so that the water turns pale white in color. Finally, get into the bath and soak yourself for twenty to thirty minutes. We assure that when you step out, you will rediscover yourself.

  • Herbal tea bath

You will be surprised to know that your breakfast beverage can be a hydrating body bath for you! Yes, we are talking about tea. If you wish to experiment with this tea spa then you would require a kettle full of herbal tea that has been prepared at least an hour ago, allowed to stand and then left to cool down in room temperature. Now fill up your bath tub with cool water and pour this solution into it.  Get into the bathtub and soak your body completely into this bath spa solution. When you step out, a fully energized mind and body will make you feel more confident than ever.


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