Skin Care Essentials To Look Like A Diva On Durga Puja

The fluttering of cumulous clouds in the blue sky and bright sunny days give the indication that autumn has arrived. With this indication, the hearts of people in West Bengal also get filled up with happiness as this season signals Durga Puja celebration is on the way.  As we all wish to look our best during this season so following these skin care essentials is highly recommended by professionals at best spa in Kolkata. Take a look at them.


  • Know your skin

Durga Puja means the market will be flooded with new launches from established as well as new cosmetic brands. While some of them will claim to make you visibly fair in just two days, others might promise to treat all your skin imperfections in a day! Here, the most essential advice is that you must not get swayed by any flowery promotional speeches from any brand. This is because unwisely picked up products might lead to skin irritation, redness, inflammation and all other sorts of skin diseases instead of making you look beautiful! This is true for established products too because the ingredients present in them might not go with your skin at all. So, the golden rule is that you must know your skin type properly and then choose cosmetics complementing it. Ask experts if you are not sure which product will go with your skin.

  • Cleansing

The most authentic tried and tested method for keeping the skin healthy is to make it a habit of cleansing it thoroughly every day. Schedule two regimented clean up processes for your skin; one of them should be in the morning and the other one at night before you go to bed finally for sleeping.  Here too the rule applies that you must choose facial cleansers as per your skin type.

  • Maintain pH balance

As your frequency of going out increases during the Durga Puja season so you might wish to using soapy solution every time you come home for eliminating sweat and grime. But this habit is totally erroneous because the detergents present in the facial cleansers would strip off the natural moisture of your face and disturb its pH balance. As a result, you will end up looking like a parched skinned and wrinkle faced old woman during the festive season! So,  the professionals advice that restrict washing your face with soap based solution to two times only throughout the day only. Instead, use cold water splash for washing your face for the rest part of the day. Additionally, you can also use light cleansing milk in between for deep cleaning the face without using soap in an excessive manner.

  • Take care of eyes

The skin around the eyes is ten times softer and sensitive as compared to the other parts of your face. So, use products exclusively manufactured for the skin around the eye when you have to purchase cosmetics for removing makeup or hydrating the area.


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