How body massage promote wellness

Body massage has become the new age buzz word for getting and maintaining a fit and healthy body.  The benefits of body massage have become so popular among people of all ages across the world that it has fast replaced the over the counter medicines and injections that patients take in order to cure illnesses.  Therefore, if you are suffering from a chronic illness then body massage can bring permanent cure to you as well. For that, you have to know about the ailments that are cured through body massage. Hence, here is a concise list for you below. Watch out!


  • Insomnia

Even though insomnia might not apparently appear as a fatal disease, it invites a range of diseases like high blood pressure, cardiac problems, fatigue, and so on when it prolongs for a longer span. Unfortunately, insomnia is another disease which does not have any medicinal cure as such. The sedatives and sleeping pills that patients take to overcome insomnia not only offer temporary relief, they are habit forming and cease to remain effective anymore after a span of time. Moreover, these sleep inducing medicines also have harmful side effects. Therefore, the best cure for insomnia that is totally devoid of side effects is deep tissue body massage.  As this form of massage soothes the body from within and relieves the nerves, so it induces deep and quality sleep.

  • Arthritis

Arthritis is perhaps among the most painful diseases that practically have no medicinal cure. Even though painkillers and steroidal medicines are sometimes recommended to arthritis patients, they only provide temporary relief from the excruciating pain. Moreover, long term consumption of these medicines can lead to dire side effects. Nevertheless, if left unattended then arthritis can literally make a patient go crippled. Hence, patients do not have any other resort than consuming these medicines. However, good news is that body massage offered by best spa in Surat, Mumbai, and other places brings permanent relief when followed on a regimented basis.

  • Blood pressure

Blood pressure is among the frequently occurring lifestyle diseases of the present generation.  Although patients have to take medicines on a regular basis when diagnosed with high blood pressure, body massage has been found to be additionally effective.  When done on a regular basis, it has been found that high blood pressure gets noticeably lowered.

  • Cardiac problem

Cardiac problem is another frequently occurring lifestyle disease of the present generation that is caused due to excessive stress and tension. Moderations in diet, light exercise, consumption of regular medicines are some of the suggested remedial measures for cardiac problems. However, recent medical research has further shown that body massage works wonders in curing cardiac problems. To be more precise on this, specialised cardiac massage therapy is the suggested cure for even the most chronic conditions of heart problems.


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