Things to remember to get the most out of couple spa session

What can be more romantic and blissful than getting a pampering session at a spa of your choice simultaneously with spending quality time with the love of your life? This is exactly what you can expect from a couples spa session.

If you hearing the term for the first time, let us tell you that couple spa is a trending concept in the world of spa therapy. In this, you book a combined spa session for your beloved too so that you can relax together, spend time together and get therapeutic spa treatment together.

However, it might appear a bit intimidating if you are planning to explore the couple spa for the first time.  Basically, this tension arises from the fact that you will not have much experience about couple spa etiquettes.


Therefore, we bring her tips for your assistance. Watch out!

  • Inform it is your first time

Being a first timer, you might have some expectations from a couple spa. Similarly, you might end up getting some services from the session which you might have never expected! Basically, as a first timer, you will not have much idea of what is going to unfold in the session and what surprises are there for you and your beloved in the couple spa package.

Hence, in order to ensure that you will be able to get most out of the session you need to know about the service in details. Therefore, you should not absolutely feel embarrassed in confessing it that it is the first time that you are trying out the couple spa.

Moreover, if you have any doubt anywhere or any query to make then do it right away without hesitation. Keep in it mind that this transparency will help the experts in understanding your needs. Eventually, they will explain about the service offers in details.

  • Know about the scopes beforehand

There is absolutely no point in arguing that you expected some service and you did not get it in your desired time.  Such arguments generally arise to kill your couple spa experience forever.

For your information, scopes for such arguments arise when you expect a particular kind of service at the spa and your spouse has a different expectation. You have to agree with the fact that even though a couple spa is meant to spend time with each other, both of you might not desire a full body massage, foot massage or manicure done at the same time.  Hence, while you might like a head massage to be done at the first, your spouse might look forward to a detoxifying body wrap treatment.

This indicates that it is always wiser to talk about the possibilities of availing different services at the same time in the spa in Mumbai before booking an appointment.


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