Skin cleansing spa recipes for the chilling season

As harsh winters tend to make our skin parched and dry, we try to fight back by means of smearing loads of heavy creams and emollients. While the moisturizing effects of this process on the skin cannot be denied, such creams also tend to clog the pores if we do not clean our skin thorough the next day.

Besides a scrupulous cleansing regime the following day, you also need to go your favorite spa in Mumbai, Kolkata Delhi, or anywhere else to opt for a skin cleansing spa. This practice will ensure that your skin remains healthy, soft and supply throughout the chills.


Now if you are inquisitive to know about some of these skin cleansing spa recipes, here are some of them for you. Stay tuned!

  • Gram flower and raw milk cleanser

The use of gram flower has been a tradition of the yesteryear’s that still continues to exist. It is also said that regular use of gram flower pack brightens and lightens the skin.

This cleansing mask becomes even more effective due to the addition of raw milk. This is because raw milk has amazing cleansing properties.

This skin cleansing recipe is just ideal for women with oily skin. Thus, when you visit your favorite spa never ask them to treat you with skin cleansing recipe.

  • White flour, rose water and full cream milk

People with dry skin often remain skeptical about skin cleansing products because they feel that such products will further make their skin parched.

But you can be rest assured with a spa skin cleansing recipe that comprises of white flour, rose water and full cream milk. This is because white flour does not have drying effect on the skin even though it is as equally effective in removing dirt, grime and tiny body hairs as chemical cleansers do

Again rose water acts as a natural skin stabilizer, maintains the pH balance of the skin and prevents the skin from becoming too dry or too oily. On the other hand, full cream milk is an excellent nourishing cleanser that replenishes the skin with adequate moisture.

Thus, do try out this skin cleansing recipe this winter to feel the difference.

  • Oatmeal scrubbing cleanser

The function of a cleanser is not only to remove the superficial dirt, but it is also supposed to eliminate the dead skin cells so that the fresh skin from within is clearly visible. This role is effectively played by oatmeal.

This oatmeal mask usually combines yogurt as its complementary ingredient which nourishes and hydrates the skin and makes it soft and supple.



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