How to make your skin smile with bliss this winter

It is winter again after a long spell of hot tropical summer. While you might feel fascinated about the arrival of this chilling season, your skin might not cooperate with you at all. Thus, you might find your skin retaliating to the harsh effects of the chilling season in the form of soreness, dryness and dullness.


But there are some measures recommended by experts at a reputed Spa in Pune that you can follow to make your skin smile with bliss this winter.  Compiled and presented here are some of them. Watch out!

  • Opt for a full body wrap

Opting for a hydrating body wrap once in a while is highly recommended for keeping your skin free from winter related jitters.

An excellent homemade body wrap that you can try out this winter is the fruit and honey wrap. For this, you would need a cup of freshly grated ripe papaya, a cup of mashed ripe banana and two teaspoons of honey.

Mix the suggested ingredients well until you get a smooth texture. Then apply the wrap liberally all over your cleansed body. Leave on for about fifteen minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

The anti-oxidants present in papaya and honey and the great hydrating properties of ripe banana will surely make you discover a firmer and younger looking skin.

  • Give yourself pampering exfoliation

If you wish to combat winter related dryness and dullness of your skin, you just cannot forget exfoliation.  However, the exfoliating product that you choose during this chilling weather has to be mild on your skin yet effective enough.

The beauty experts suggest that you can make a body exfoliator at home by mixing together one teaspoon of almond powder with two teaspoons of powdered oats and two table spoons of raw milk.

Apply this exfoliator all over your body with special focus on the dry areas and rub in a circular motion. Wash off with ample of plain water. While the raw milk present in the pack will remove tanning and blemishes, anti-oxidant properties of almonds and oats will make your skin radiant by removing the dead cells gently.

  • Get some oil massage

A must have regime this winter to combat your aches, pains and soreness is an invigorating session of body massage.

However, as it is winter so you need to make the session even more hydrating by adding some heavy oils like olive oil, apricot oil, argan oil or wheat germ oil into the session when the masseur gives some gentle kneading, pressing and tapping actions to sore areas of your body.

For your further information, thick oils like the ones suggested have the capacity to hydrate your winter affected skin by encouraging nourishment to your body at the deep tissue level. As a result, you feel fresher, more refreshed and suppler than ever when you step out of the session.


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